Ethan Sumner

Manager at Cognizant | DevRel Leader | FinOps Enthusiast

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About Me


I'm Ethan Sumner, a multi-industry experienced DevOps engineer, architect, consultant, DevRel leader and manager with experience across banking and finance, the public sector, startups, and digital natives. Currently, I work for Cognizant as a Manager, leading FinOps within consulting.

I predominantly specialise in migrations, serverless, FinOps, and sustainable economics across AWS and Azure. This is in addition to broader experience in pre-sales, business development, GTM and portfolio offering development.

I'm an advocate and champion for promoting small to medium businesses and early careers predominantly across the north of the UK.

On a personal note, I'm a proud Yorkshireman, a keen walker and a keen paddle boarder.


Outside of my day job, I am passionate about my community-based work. I run a non-profit that supports my community groups, including Young DevOps, Yorkshire Azure User Group and Yorkshire DevOps. I’m also the co-organiser of AWS Sheffield, advisor to FinOps UK meetups and on the organising committee of DevOpsDays London.

In addition, you will find me speaking and attending meetups and conferences across the UK and abroad. This has included the AWS London summit, London DevOps and Microsoft Ignite. I speak at schools and colleges and have been an education and policy advisor. I have mentored individuals and have provided strategies on community and early in careers to organisations.

I have developed several skills throughout my community work, including sponsorship management, mergers and acquisitions, marketing, leadership and public speaking.

DevOpsDays London 2023

London DevOps at Meta

Microsoft Ignite

FinOps UK at Google

DTX Manchester

Microsoft EIC Event

Young DevOps

Young DevOps is aimed at individuals with 0-5 years of experience within the industry or people looking to join the industry.

We offer mentoring opportunities, special community events as well as regular meetups.

Recent events have included and introduction to SRE by Google SRE Eimear Crotty, which was a well received event with 80+ attendees.

Yorkshire DevOps

Yorkshire DevOps was born from the successful M&A of Leeds DevOps and Sheffield DevOps and the region's demand.

We have over 500 members and run regular events with an average attendance of 75 across predominately Leeds and Sheffield and occasional online events.

Currently, we work with BJSS, AND Digital, Accenture, Trans Union, Ada Meher and much more. Previous speakers have come from Meta, AWS, Microsoft and Google.

Yorkshire Azure User Group

Yorkshire Azure User Group (YAG) was out of the region's demand for an Azure-based meetup. Since its creation, we have acquired Leeds Azure and Linconshire Azure User Group before it was acquired by BJSS.

We have over 550 members and run regular events with an average attendance of 60 across predominately Leeds and Sheffield and occasional online events.

Currently, we work with BJSS, AND Digital, Accenture, SPG Resourcing and Air Walk Reply.

Speaking Opportunities

Do you want me to speak at your conference/event/school?

Sure, I'm more than happy to. I don't charge to speak at events. However, I politely ask that a ticket be provided, and if international, travel costs are reimbursed or partly funded (I only ask these requirements for paid-for events).

I can speak on:

Cloud migrations



Personal career

Cloud economics/strategy.


Please email with information about the event (Including Name, Date, Location, Topic and length of talk required).

Want to hire me?

I'm always open to hearing about new opportunities within DevOps, SRE, FinOps and Cloud architecture, pre-sales or business development—Ethier as an IC or management.

I'm UK-based (In Yorkshire) but work in London; I'm open to roles within London, South/West Yorkshire or Remote.

Things I look for in a company are training programs, company mission, progression and openness to community work. Rigid requirements are no gambling companies and have to be a Mac laptop (yes, I had one at Microsoft)

To get in contact, email or DM me on Linkedin. Please include company name, title, salary (if applicable), location, office/remote split and amount of travel (if applicable)

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